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Remy Tongol

Something About Remy

This generation certainly won’t run out of ways to indulge themselves.  Rabid self-promotion is as instantaneous as it is common, leaving today’s viral hits vulnerable to becoming ‘one-hit wonders’, to borrow a fading term.  Yet in a world that thrives on trading privacy for the short lived satisfaction of ‘fame’, there’s something deeply admirable (and even rare) about an individual brave enough to explore her own mystique on nothing less than the terms she believes in. Anyone can be a copycat, but it takes absolute courage to remain an original. And that’s what’s at the heart of this young woman’s unfolding journey.

When I first met Remy, half her face was obscured by the jet-black Jackie O sunglasses she wore. And while most people often volunteered personal information at the speed of light, she was content to quietly observe her surroundings before letting her thoughts rattle loose. Looking back, I think that those sunglasses, and the eyes they hid, testified to the importance she gave to the private mystery of her life, which in turn, is something I can only hope will inspire both men and women alike. We should not be afraid to live out the questions that our whole beings are driven to find answers to.

From spending her formative years in Kuwait to setting out on her own to study filmmaking in Thailand, to appearing in television commercials in the Philippines, Remy has continuously proven herself to be a strong creative force, both personally and professionally. As someone who is superbly comfortable with being on either side of the camera, she now turns the lens inward as she grapples with the deep questions that sadly many people in her generation refuse to face: how to measure one’s worth in a system that is constantly changing what it’s idea of valuable really is.  Where do the lines between purpose and meaning fall, and does it solely rest on talent? The information highway may be constantly changing lanes, but Remy was always built to forge her own path. Join in her journey as she lights up the corners of her own life with new perspectives and new experiences, all of them the direct result of being strong enough to listen to her own heart, promoting curiosity and creativity as she goes along.

Written by Lance Salvosa

Remy is married to Joshua Tongol, a brilliant young man with an interesting story. They fell in love at a coffee shop and were married on the one year of their relationship. Now, together they share the gospel of Grace and minister healing to others with the passion to set them free in the love of God wherever they go. 

If you want to know more about their ministry, please follow their newsletter.


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