Need A Videographer?

It’s almost been 3 weeks since I arrived to the US of A. And I’m lovin’ it!

But now I got a good Nikon DSLR, I’m open for business as a videographer for short films, weddings, engagement shoots and similar events with Unboxed Images.

As much as I love encouraging people with my blog posts from time to time, I love film, videography and photography as well. So I’ll be sharing a lot of my work here.

So today, I’m sharing a video I did for one of the most beautiful couples I’ve ever met — Michelle and Chris.

Thanks to my husband’s brother-in-law, Chelly Cruz, a great photographer at Unboxed Images, who gave me the opportunity at the last minute to shoot this lovely couple.

I caught myself smiling and feeling butterflies while working on this video.

If you’d like a video similar to this, please leave a comment below or inquire at Unboxed Images here.

It’s great to hold a DSLR again and capture true love!


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  1. […] and tour schedule for the new year. And I have already made a few videos with Unboxed Images as a videographer. I feel that things are picking-up for […]

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