How Often Are We Present?

What goes on during your day? Often our minds may get consumed with what we must accomplish during the day and it is sometimes difficult to quiet ourselves.

But allow me to ask a few questions (with some of my pictures from Instagram) that may be of some help.

Have you found yourself savor a home-baked chocolate chip cookie?

Or slowly enjoy the taste of your favorite cafe mocha?

Have you stopped to feel the warmth of the sun as it began to set?

Have you paused to see the rain drops as it began to pour outside your window?

Have you inhaled and exhaled the wind as it gently caressed your face?

Did you find yourself watching the birds that crossed your path? Or watch people going about their business as they passed you by?

Did you feel the weight or pace of your steps as you walked through a city street?

Did you get distracted when you smelled a delicious sent coming from a bakery or kitchen?

Here’s a simpler question. Did you sneeze, cough, yawn, laugh at a funny joke or even fart? (I’m not joking.)

These are part of the daily life so what’s so special about them?

They may be of no regard but–if you really think about it–what are you thinking while you’re caught up in these moments?

Nothing. Exactly!

How often are we “not thinking” of what we should do or should’ve done during these moments? Once we are fully aware of these things we begin to realize that we are fully present. All our senses are captured in the present as we fully hear, fully see, fully taste and fully feel what’s now even if it’s just for a moment.

Even as you read these words you are present. Your mind is worry-free because your full attention is focused here.

Now, how often are we aware of that? Isn’t it amazing?

We may overlook these moments but how often are we aware of the present they bring us into? What can we begin to experience then?

Stillness. So simple, right?

In moments where we are fully present and aware, we find ourselves still…not consumed by thoughts of the past nor of the future but the now. Anything you do that brings you to the awareness of the present moment is where you will find stillness. It is where we can fully appreciate the life given to us now.

Awareness of the present moment begets stillness and gratitude.

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