Why Mention Hell in the Good News?

Have you ever been handed one of these?

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I grew up with this tract. It scared hell into me.

Was the Good news delivered to you this way?

Did it leave you feeling loved or fearful? Did you feel that it was it driven by the unconditional love of God or by the fear of hell?

You might say, “The Good news wouldn’t be good news if it were not for hell.”

But another avoided question that’s now being revisited is, “Why create a hell in the first place when God doesn’t want us there?”

If we are uncomfortable with the word “hell,” is there a way to reconcile the traditional view (eternal conscious torment) with the understanding of God’s unconditional love?

More and more Christians are beginning to question.

Please watch this video. It’s a trailer of the newly released documentary film Hellbound? written and directed by Kevin Miller.

“Hellbound? asks why we are so bound to the idea of hell and what our view of hell reveals about how we perceive God, the Bible and, ultimately, ourselves.”

This film sheds light on how the Good news could look like…but only if we choose to just stop and listen.

We should be asking this question:

“Does God punish people for thousands of years with infinite, eternal torment for things they did in their few finite years of life?”  (Rob Bell, Love Wins)

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  1. My question for you my friend is why are you so consumed with the idea of hell as it is depicted, being a part of what is called “Good News” (Gospel)?

    Here are two very good definitions, one of heaven and one of hell, from the glossary in the Science of Mind text by Ernest Holmes:

    Heaven – A state of happiness. Heaven is within, it revolves about us; it is the result of that atmosphere of conviction which our thought awakens within us. The Kingdom of Heaven is unformed, unlimited, unconditioned. Heaven is not a place, a locality, “with streets of gold and gates of pearl.” It is the real state of Being. We do not make it real, for it is eternal Reality. If we abide in the Father and He abides in us, in harmony, in power, in peace, in wisdom; and our thought is friendly, happy, confident, and open, our Kingdom of Heaven is a good place in which to live.

    Hell – A discordant state of being. A belief in duality. A sense of separation from God. A belief that our good is always to be, and never is. Hell is not a location.

    Let’s break those definitions down a little more. Any time you are completely happy with yourself and the world around you, you are living in heaven. Any time you are unhappy or upset about anything you see or experience, you are living in hell.

    Now Remy, I ask you; are you living in heaven or in hell about this topic. There is a teaching that say’s be for everything and against nothing. Why? Because when you are opposed to any idea, it is your own proof that you are not living in Heaven; you belief that something other than the Truth; the Goodness, Peace, Love, Power and Joy of God exists in your life.

    Does your adamant stance against people teaching about their idea of hell really allow you to live in Heaven, or do your feelings about this subject have you living in a hell of your own? If you allow people to be wherever they need to be on their path, knowing that each individual has an eternity to realise and live from Truth for themselves, will their hell be any less real than you want them to realise it is now?

    Your feelings and attitudes are your own choice. Where do you choose to live, as evident by your own decision to feel the way you do about this matter; Heaven or hell?

    Eternal Blessings of Love, Peace and Joy,

    1. Thanks for sharing Guy. I am actually on the stance as you are. We share the same perspective. I am simply coming to my Christian brothers and sisters, who may be driven by the fear of hell as it were a place, as you are coming to me.

  2. Guy E. Lawson, R.Sc.P. · · Reply

    Namaste. 🙂

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  4. Hi Remy

    I was only saying yesterday about this how I had lived the Miserable life of fear concerning the movie that I was told would be played to all when I died I believed that for almost 30 years. No longer, but was a tough way to try and live. anyway that was then.

    May I at some point use this as a reference to living in this plight that I shall later be writing about.
    I have not heard of anyone who actually thought the same concerning this tract

    Warm Regards Ian in the UK

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