How Often Do We Stop and Look?

“It’s easy to overlook the extraordinary beauty in our everyday lives.” Invisible Children

How often do we stop and look at the sky?

Not everyday does the sky look the same. Not every sunrise, every sunset and every cloud duplicate themselves for another day.  

So why don’t we seize the moment of the sky’s passing and mentally capture it with all its wonder?

I like to think that God paints the sky with colors of the sun and the clouds with strokes of the wind just so we could enjoy His love that way. And we, like children, could be in awe…captivated.

New things have a way of captivating, don’t they? The sky seems to hold something new.

Lately I’ve been browsing through Instagram looking at amazing shots of the sky. I’d have live moments  as well from time to time where I’m being captivated by its beauty during the day.

Since the sky doesn’t look the same everyday, I always make sure to take a picture because it’s just too beautiful to forget. So here are few of the photos I’ve taken…

Isn’t our lives like the sky? Not one day is the same…if we choose to stop and look.

Who else likes to take pictures of the sky? Feel free to share. 🙂



  1. Deborah · · Reply

    Beautiful Remy. I love sunrises. Wish I had some pictures for you but I only have memories. One in particular was very special to me. I was on my way to work one morning and had a lot on my mind and just feeling heavy. As I crested a hill, I saw this beautiful blue sky with a perfect heart-shaped cloud smack dab in the middle of my view. WOW! I erupted in tears at the beauty of the sight and the message of Papa’s love for me right at the moment I needed it.

    May you always see the beauty in the sky around you Remy.

    1. Thank you, Deborah! Your memories are lovely and I’m thankful that you share them. Papa’s love is always around us like the sky. 🙂

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  4. Janet Medalla · · Reply

    Simply beautiful… you really do have an eye for beauty, Remy 🙂 this post is going to change how I see the skies ! Thank you !

    1. Thanks Ate Janet! That’s encouraging to know 🙂 Enjoy the sky now 😉

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