What You Count Multiplies

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Have you ever encountered children begging on the street?

Has someone ever approached your table at a restaurant or a coffee shop and asked for a donation to support their foundation or religious organization? (We get it here in the Philippines often.)

Has an old lady ever crossed your path and ask for help with her grand daughter’s health situation?

What thoughts cross your mind? What emotions surface in your heart?

“How will I know if they’re for real?”

“Should I give or should I not?”

“How did they get to where they are?”

These thoughts often cross my mind. But another question stands out to me, “Do I have enough?”

The last encounter my husband and I had (with the old lady mentioned above) helped me realize where that question might have come from…

Our fear of lack.

Of course we want to give. We have compassion. But why do we hesitate to give at times? Could it be that our fear of lack keeps us from embracing our compassion to its fullest?

Or could it be because we count our lack more than our blessings?

I’m not sharing this to condemn (or saying that everyone feels the same way) but to encourage you with a different perspective. My focus here is not that we don’t give enough but what we don’t focus enough at times…

Our abundance.

How often do we count what we lack than the “little” we supposedly have? In fact, when we start counting the “little” things, we begin to realize that they are not so little after all…they are plentiful.

When we focus on our lack we fail to see how abundant we truly are.

“The obvious is that which is never seen until someone expresses it simply.” -Kahlil Gibran

“The source of true abundance lies within you, if you are willing to create the conditions for it to manifest through you.” –Candy Paull

One of the ways your abundance can manifest is gratitude. So let’s begin with what you can be thankful for…

Take a look around you and begin to count the things you simply enjoy and love. Count all the little things that make you smile and make your heart happy. Let gratitude fill your heart. And you will realize how abundant your life really is.

“Take inventory on what you have in your life right now. I bet it’s a lot. From a place of gratitude, you can bring in more.” –WomenWorking

You could start with the bed you sleep in; the comfort of your home; your morning coffee; the sunrise; the sunsets; fresh air; sound of laughter; family cracking jokes; comedies and chick flicks; the shoes on your feet; your great hair; your health; the sandwich in your hands; the smell of freshly baked goods; a home cooked meal; healthy relationships; public transportation, etc. (These are a few of mine and I could go on forever!)

So when we count our blessings more, our lack will cease?

It will cease, especially in the lives of others like the ones mentioned above. Our abundance will beget generosity.

We can’t help ourselves but be moved when we see them. So let our compassion be fully expressed in the many ways we are able give. We are in essence abundant more than enough…even to give whatever it may be.

Lack will surely be out of the picture as soon as abundance is in sight.

What if this were one of the ways heaven meets earth?



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  1. Deborah · · Reply

    Money is easy but I fear for my safety sometimes. I remember I guy approaching me in St Louis a couple years ago. I’m sure I came across as a jerk but I didn’t give him anything and then he got angry (which didn’t help his cause any). My concern was that I would get mugged and I had my daughter with me so I was concerned for her safety too.

    Another thing is that there’s always someone with a hand out but there isn’t any future hope of a true caring relationship developing. I guess that’s where trust comes in. It can be a real gamble to trust.

    1. Thanks for sharing Deborah! I’m careful with giving to some who may come off as harmful too. Sometimes it is hard to trust but we could trust for their well being and future even though we may not see them again. We can just extend our good intentions and bless them with our thoughts. Sometimes that goes a long way than money. 🙂

  2. I love the ending kind of sums up the meaning. I came across this through Joshua\’s Facebook page and saw last name so interested in reading the article, also the Title grabbed my attention.

    I love Joshua\’s teachings his youtube video\’s.
    I also share the Grace Gospel so look for teachings through youtube on the subject.
    You and your husband are great people glad your teachings and his was our there for me to find.
    Your teachings being found by a guy all the way in Cali.

    1. Thanks Nolan! I’m just started so I’m encouraged by your complement. I really appreciate that. 🙂 That is so cool that you share the Gospel of Grace too! More and more people are getting this message because of people like you. 🙂

  3. Justin · · Reply

    Two questions the Father never asked the prodigal son:

    What are you gonna do with what I give you?


    What did you do with what I gave you?

    1. Justin · · Reply

      And to the older son He says, “All I have is yours.”

      1. Exactly! 🙂

  4. […] What You Count Multiplies […]

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