Struggling With A Life Jacket

Strapped in and ready to go! I decided to overcome the waters that splashed against my feet. It was my first time to go snorkeling and I was excited.

I walked slowly beyond the shore and began to go underneath the surface to discover what awaited me.

As I began, I became fascinated by the colors and movement of the creatures that swam in unison. I couldn’t believe I was snorkeling!

As I snorkeled, I stretched out my foot to stand, but the problem was, I couldn’t feel the sand.

I panicked.

Yes, I wanted to overcome the waters, but I didn’t know that I’ve drifted far from the shore. I didn’t know how to swim (don’t laugh)–well, at least in places where my feet can’t reach the ground.

So there I was…struggling for dear life. My arms were flapping against the water, reaching for something to grasp.

I was gasping for air.

You would expect someone to come to the rescue, right? Surprisingly, I heard laughter instead. One of my friends was on the shore…laughing.

I was gasping for air and my friend was laughing?!

She was laughing because it was funny. Strangely, it was comforting because as she laughed, she said, You’re wearing a life jacket! Nothing can beat the force of buoyancy!”

The force of buoyancyOf course!

Instead of coming to my rescue, she just laughed because she knew that I couldn’t drown, even if I tried.

I began to laugh along and flap back to shore. Laughter gave me so much relief, thanks to her.

With a bit of self-assurance and deep breaths, I soon learned to trust my life jacket. And boy, it was definitely easier to enjoy the sea!

So on new year’s day of 2010, I was free–laughing and floating.

Something insightful hit me that day. I saw how this whole experience could liberate every area of my life.

Because of the life jacket, I didn’t have to swim…I didn’t even have to try… I simply had to let go


Love…lets go.



  1. Deborah Kiblinger · · Reply

    Good life lesson Remy : )

    1. Thank you, Deborah for sharing your story as well. You have so many life lessons I can learn from! I read and replied to your comment on Facebook. 😉

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