How BEING The Church Can Look Like

I’m all for the church—for who it is—a people…Us.

I understand that the institutional church (IC) contains people. But an IC doesn’t make people the church.

We, the Body of Christ, make up the church, whether we go to an IC or not. So when one leaves an IC, he or she is not necessarily leaving Christ. He or she is simply leaving the building.

I may have my reasons why I don’t go to church anymore, but when I removed the things the church is not, I found how being the church can look like.

This amazing video shows what I believe and what I have experienced the Body of Christ to be as a church…as disciples.

Please watch the video.

This video here says more than I could ever write, thanks to Kelly Tshibaka at Foursquare Connection.

I loved the IC for what it was. But if it were not for my transition to an organic church, I would have not appreciated and loved the people better, personally. I would still be caught up with what it’s not.

Isn’t there a difference with what goes on inside the building and being a church outside of it?

But shouldn’t we bring others into the church building to know God?”

Couldn’t people know God beyond a church building?

Couldn’t the Body of Christ be bigger than the four walls no matter how many church buildings there are in the world?

Isn’t that what Jesus meant when He said, “GO and make disciples?”

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  1. Nice. So true Remy. Well said.

    1. Thanks Steve!

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